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| Last Updated:: 26/12/2016

Healing Remedies App –Version 0.1





* This simple android App is designed for you to promote healthy living, the natural way through advice on safe health practices related to primary health care and use of medicinal plants species from your garden and kitchen.

* App deals with 26 common diseases and their management using home remedies based on 33 Medicinal plants species and home remedies:

* Click on any one of the Disease, to know the symptoms, causes and herbal remedies at your finger tip.

* If you click on a scientific name of the medicinal plant species, it give a comprehensive plant profile ( local name in different languages, its description, how to grow, plant parts used, harvest method and link has been provided to other well known websites for obtaining more details).

* Contents for developing this App are from multiple publications and FRLHT, Database, 2016.

* For more info click on the links:

Financial contribution: Infosys Foundation, Bangalore