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| Last Updated:: 12/10/2016

Neighbourhood Medicinal Plants Android App Version 0.5.0

We have launched an Android App for Schools students and nature enthusiasts, field botanists to jot down their observations on neighbourhood medicinal plants.........
Now, explore the improved version of Neighbourhood Medicinal Plants with search for flower colors added



  1. Welcome to Neighborhood Medicinal Plants App –Version 0.5.0 (Bangalore city)
  2. This is specially designed for students and nature lovers ,who are interested to learn about their neighborhood plants that are medicinally important.
  3. Click on the app and explore the most common medicinal plants growing in Bangalore city
  4. You can search by 4 categories- Herb/shrub/tree/climbers
  5. Click on any one of category to see the list of plants.
  6. Each plant profile will give you colorful images, scientific name, local names such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, how it looks, where you can find, used in medical system and indication of uses. 
  7. For more info click on the links: and


Supported by: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Government of India.